Building Your Family Hurricane Plan

Let Others Know

Talking to your family about a hurricane plan not only makes sure everyone is prepared, it also helps mitigate panic during the storm.

Here’s what to make sure everyone in the family knows:

1. Resources

You’ll want to have resources ready to go when a hurricane is coming. Keep them all in one location where everyone in the family can easily access them. Include:

  • A printed copy of phone numbers and disaster plans
  • A printed copy of your the Hurricane Preparedness Checklist to use as a guide.
  • Disaster resources like water, flashlight, etc. (See the full list of what to keep ready.)

Be sure to double check your list with your supplies, and round up missing items quickly.

2. Basic Safety Measures

Be sure that your family knows how to react during a hurricane, including:

  • Your home’s safe spot– Which room in your home is your hurricane room? Choose an interior room with no windows on a lower floor (a bathroom or closet might be a good option.)
  • Community safe spots– Know where shelters and other safe spots and resources are in the community.
  • Procedures– Make sure everyone knows when it’s the appropriate time to call emergency numbers, when to evacuate, etc.
  • Home Hazards- Go through your home together and discuss and map electrical, chemical and fire hazards to avoid during and after the storm. Also be aware of any large, unsecured items that may be able to cause damage or injury.
  • Personal protection- Regardless of where they are, be sure everyone knows how to protect themselves in case they are not home during the hurricane. Talk to them about how to take secure shelter wherever they are.

3. Evacuation Plans

In the event you must leave, make sure everyone knows:

  • the fastest evacuation routes
  • What to pack if you must evacuate (better yet, have bags ready to go.) Remember to pack identification for children in case they are separated.
  • meeting places in case you aren’t together when you evacuate
  • how best to contact each other if separated

4. Preparation Responsibilities

In your Hurricane Preparedness Checklist, you’ll have a list of tasks to prepare your home for the storm.

Before disaster strikes, make sure everyone knows which items on the list they can be responsible for. Also be sure each member of the family knows how to complete the tasks most efficiently and thoroughly. This will save everyone time, and reduce the potential for hazardous mistakes or oversights.

5. Special considerations

If you have family members with special needs or medications, or pets, make sure everyone knows how to handle these situations.

How prepared is your family for a hurricane?