When It’s Time to Evacuate From a Hurricane

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In an emergency situation, it’s extremely important that you evacuate when it’s time.

How do you know when it’s time to evacuate? Here’s when:

1. When you live in a flood zone

If your home is in a flood-sensitive area, you are at extra risk. Even if you can’t get completely away from the storm, go somewhere outside the flood zone, or to a designated shelter.

2. When you’re in unstable shelter

Mobile homes, tall high rises, and unsafe buildings that aren’t up to hurricane codes are especially dangerous. If you’re in a high rise, at least try to take shelter below the 10th floor. If you are in a mobile home or a place where you question your safety in the storm, find stronger shelter.

3. When authorities are telling you to evacuate

If a reliable source states you should evacuate, that’s not a suggestion. That means you need to leave the area as soon as possible. Be prepared for an evacuation order and listen in case one is issued.

4. When you can

If there is time, and you have the means, evacuation is always your safest option. Don’t stay behind in a storm and put yourself in danger if you can get to a safe location.

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