Your Best Online Resources for Hurricane Updates

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In a hurricane zone, it can be difficult to feel fully prepared in case of an emergency. Luckily, there are plenty of great tools to help make you feel safe.

Here are a few of the best tools for hurricane preparedness you can find online or on your smartphone:

Assess: Flood Hazard Maps

If you live in a hurricane zone, you definitely want to assess your home’s risk. FEMA offers Flood Hazard Maps, as well as a live chat to help you interpret it.

Plan: Insurance

The National Flood insurance Program was created by Congress to help homeowners. In addition to information about protecting your home, you can also see what the cost of flood damages can add up to.

Strengthen: CGI Windows

If you don’t have hurricane-proof windows and doors, impact-approved CGI Windows & Doors are the strongest on the market. They offer several designs to suit style or budget, but they’re all sturdy enough to rely on in a hurricane. Their site also provides valuable general information about how to choose a hurricane-safe window or door.

Prepare: Training Courses

The Emergency Management Institute (part of the FEMA) offers a free in-depth courses to help prepare you for emergencies. You can download the study materials for the Independent Study Program, then take exams to test your knowledge.

Teach: Info for Kids

Don’t forget to teach your children about hurricane safety, too. Empower and prepare them so they feel more confident and less scared during a hurricane. The Be A Hero site has games, facts and fun presentation for kids, as well as resources for parents and teachers.

Be ready: Emergency Checklist

Print a copy of our Emergency Preparedness checklist and go over it with your family. Prepare kits and gather materials aced on what you think you may need from the list. This site is also full of additional hurricane tips and information.

Track: Mobile Alerts

The Global Alert Network delivers audio message alerts, based on your GPS location, to your phone in case of a hurricane or other weather alert. You can also get traffic information. Download the free app to stay up-to-date with weather warnings.

Share: Shelter & Safety Check-Ins

The Red Cross’s hurricane app offers planning information and real-time weather updates. It’s also an important safety tool that allows you to search for open shelters near you, or check in with others so loved ones know you are safe.

Contact: Local Resources

If you want additional information and resources for your area, you can locate your local State Offices and Agencies of Emergency Management with this listing.

What’s your favorite hurricane preparedness tool?