How to Reduce Homeowner’s Insurance with Hurricane-Impact Windows

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In addition to a much higher level of protection, installing impact-resistant windows can earn you discounts on homeowner’s insurance.
How do I get a discount?
In hurricane-prone areas, this safety step will mitigate damage and insurance costs, so insurance agents often offer savings for such upgrades. Some hurricane-risk areas (like the state of Florida) legally require that protected home discounts be available to homeowners.

Windows are one of the most cost-effective updates to the home, and they generally earn the highest return on insurance discounts. This is because openings in the home are some of the most vulnerable points, and the glass from a broken window poses additional threat. So, by updating them, you’re reducing the potential damage insurers will have to pay for.

Contact your insurer before you make home upgrades to discuss what you’ll need to do to qualify for discounts, as the requirements and value will vary depending on where you live and which insurer you use.
How much money can I save?
Installing impact-resistant windows can save you a few hundred dollars a month, or even more than $10,000 per year, depending on your area and your insurance provider.

In addition, these types of changes will keep your home more protected against costly repairs from hurricane damage.

If you update all home openings to be reinforced or hurricane-proof, you can often get a much larger discount for the combined strength. Sometimes you can cut your premiums almost in half.

Hurricane-resistant doors will help keep winds from adding more wind forces to your home, as well as garage door and skylight upgrades, and retrofitting of other potential leak points. Your insurer can tell you what the requirements are for your home.

The insurance discounts will continue annually, after a 1-time expense to reinforce your home. Talk to your insurance provider, and calculate the overall savings per year compared to the cost of the updates. Often, you will find they pay for themselves quickly, as you continue to save money.